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Joe Rushton

Fullstack Web Developer

A fullstack web developer, fitness addict and guitar player. My main objective for any project is to find the simplest and most cost-effective solution to achieve the desired results. My strongest skills lie within PHP-based applications but I'm constantly learning new ways to write better code and utilize new tools - ultimately, to become more productive.

My preferred stack: A server-rendered Laravel app with sprinkles of Vue. Webpack, Babel, SASS and all that good stuff are a given.

Key Skills

Instead of boring you with a list of everything I've ever touched, here's a graph which hopefully gives you a nice little overview of where I'm at in my career in terms of the relevant skills.

Additional Information

I've experience in writing well-documented REST APIs, a little TDD and a lot of in-house tool & plugin development.

Honourable Mentions: Having a decent understanding of OOP & SOLID as well as knowledge of a wide range of refactoring techniques, a keen eye for UI design and a desire to automate everything with bash scripts, cronjobs, CI/CD and anything else I can get my hands on.

NB: Most commercial work isn't published here due to NDA & other factors.

Main Projects
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An infinite collection of hand-crafted filterable dev tips, populated automatically via a nifty twitter API integration. Powered by Vue/Laravel


A complex CakePHP fuelled e-commerce multi-site & CMS - developed as part of a team for a SEO-specialising web agency.

key skills logo
key skills logo


A gamified facebook-like social media platform built for the online wrestling community. Built in vanilla PHP & jQuery (not yet launched).


A feature-rich studying and note-taking web app featuring vast 3rd-party API integrations including Google Calendar, Dropbox and more.

key skills logo
key skills logo


A satirical news site used as an opportunity to develop our content, SEO & social media management skills.

Blog Posts

Courses I've Completed

Test-Driven Laravel Adam Wathan
Laravel 5.4 From Scratch Jeffrey Way (laracasts)
New in Laravel 5.5 Codecourse
30 Days to Learn jQuery Jeffrey Way (tutsplus)
Javascript 30 Wes Bos

Books I Recommend

Refactoring UI Steve Schoger & Adam Wathan

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